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Tarryn Richardson

Review: The Land of Decoration

Judith McPherson has made a world in her room. This world is called The Land of Decoration. She chose this name because that is what God called his world, and Judith and her Father have faith in God.


Review: The Book of Lost Things

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly has quickly become one of my favourite books. I loved every second, every word, every image that Connolly crafted. I couldn't help but fall in love with David and his journey from... Continue Reading →

Review: The Wild Party

Victoria Hamilton-Barrit, as Kate, was an outstanding performer. Her voice washed over me and pulled me in with every note. Even when she was speaking I was in awe of her low, raspy voice. I loved her.

Star Casting: Does it work?

Although, saying how much I enjoyed the Made in Dagenham casting, I was somewhat displeased with the casting of Chicago UK Tour (2016) and A Chorus Line (2013)

Review: Treasure Island

Treasure Island┬áby Robert Louis Stevenson is a classic. I think it's fair to say that most of us understand the basic story line of this one, but for those who weren't interested in exploring new places through a book as... Continue Reading →

Review: Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose by Clare Lydon was a joy to read. I normally like to review books within a few days of finishing them, but this one has lingered on me so I just have to write about it. Before I read Nothing to Lose, I hadn't read any books by Clare. I was so taken by this narrative that I immediately found her online and discovered more of her books as a result.

Inclusive Audiences: Autism-Friendly Performances

Image: The West End has been really stepping up when it comes to inclusive audiences. Many shows now have Autism-Friendly performances periodically throughout the year. These are usually stand alone events where people with specific needs can attend and... Continue Reading →

Review: The Diary of A Nobody

The Diary of A Nobody (1882) by George and Weedon Grossmith is a beautifully written novel capturing the life of a nobody in London. Our nobody is named Charles Pooter, a clerk from London, and his wife, Carrie. In all honestly, nothing happens.

An Annoying Audience

It has been a common theme in theatres for an incredibly long time now that some audience members are just annoying. I've been in the auditorium where people have been recording, taking photos, eating loudly, talking, tweeting, messaging or just browsing their phones. One woman even started shouting at someone I was at the theatre with because she asked her daughter to put her phone away next to us!

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